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Citation : Somponpun SJ, Wong B, Hynd TE, Fogelgren B, Lozanoff S. (2011)
Osmoregulatory defect in adult mice associated with deficient prenatal expression of six2.
Am J Physiol Regul Integr Comp Physiol 301(3):R682-9.
Abstract : Suboptimal kidney development resulting from a genetic deficit in nephron number can have lifelong consequences that may lead to cardiorenal complications upon exposure to secondary insults in later life. To determine whether the inherited reduced renal reserve compromises the ability to handle osmotic stress in the adult animal, we challenged the heterozygous 3H1 Brachyrrhine (Br/+) mouse, which displays heritable renal hypoplasia associated with reduced embryonic six2 expression, to a solution of 2% NaCl for 5 days or to fluid restriction for 48 h. Blood chemistry, fluid intake, and physiological parameters, including renal measurements, were determined. Systemic hypertonicity by prolonged salt loading led to significant increases in plasma osmolality and plasma Na(+), along with polydipsia and polyuria, with a significant urine-concentrating defect that was resistant to DDAVP treatment in the adult Br/+ mouse compared with wild-type littermates. The Br/+ mouse also developed a significant increase in blood urea nitrogen at baseline that was further elevated when 2% NaCl was given. Fluid restriction for 48 h further enhanced plasma osmolality and plasma Na(+) responses, although the Br/+ mouse was evidently able to produce a small amount of concentrated urine at this time. Hypothalamic c-Fos expression was appropriately activated in the Br/+ mouse in response to both osmotic challenges, indicating an intact central neuroendocrine pathway that was not affected by the lack of congenital six2 expression. Collectively, our results demonstrate impaired osmoregulatory mechanisms consistent with chronic renal failure in the Br/+ mouse and indicate that six2 haploinsufficiency has a direct effect on postnatal fluid and electrolyte handling associated with fluid imbalance.
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PMID : 21653879
PMCID : PMC3174753
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