Parikh, Nisha MD

Emerging Investigator
HEALTH Initiative Scholar - Cardiovascular Health
Clinical and Research Cardiovascular Physician, Queen’s Medical Center
Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine
John A. Burns School of Medicine


Scientific Highlights

2012-2013 Pilot Project Award

Metabolite Profile As A Postpartum Predictor Of Endothelial Dysfunction Following Preeclampsia

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Hypertensive disorders of pregnancy including preeclampsia (or hypertensive and vascular disorders of pregnancy with associated proteinuria) complicate 13% of pregnancies in Hawaii. Native Hawaiian women have the second highest rate of hypertension in pregnancy of all racial groups in Hawaii. Pregnancy-induced hypertension and preeclampsia put both mothers and babies are very high risk for morbidity and mortality. Having a pregnancy complicated by preeclampsia is recognized by the American Heart Association as an important risk factor for later cardiovascular disease prediction in women. Exact mechanisms by which
preeclampsia leads to long-term maternal vascular dysfunction are not certain and may include alterations in immune activation, insulin resistance, vascular remodeling or yet unrecognized pathways.

Health Initiative
Perinatal, Growth & Development; Nutrition & Metabolic; Cardiovascular

Collaboration & Partnerships
Queen’s Medical Center, Oahu, HI
Kapiolani Medical Center for Women and Children, Oahu, HI

Study enrollment is near completion. Thus far, 16 women have participated, mean time between
study date and delivery date= 85 days, n=5 women with preeclampsia, 11 with normal deliveries.

Selected Publications

  • Chow D, Young R, Valcour N, Kronmal RA, Lum CJ, Parikh NI, Tracy RP, Budoff M, Shikuma CM.
    HIV and coronary artery calcium score: comparison of the Hawaii Aging with HIV Cardiovascular Study and Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis (MESA) cohorts.
    HIV Clin Trials 2015 [more...]

  • Munger AM, Chow DC, Playford MP, Parikh NI, Gangcuangco LM, Nakamoto BK, Kallianpur KJ, Ndhlovu LC, Shikuma CM, Mehta NN.
    Characterization of lipid composition and high-density lipoprotein function in HIV-infected individuals on stable antiretroviral regimens.
    AIDS Res Hum Retroviruses 2015 [more...]

  • Parikh NI, Gerschenson M, Bennett K, Gangcuangco LM, Lopez MS, Mehta NN, Playford MP, Nakamoto BK, Seto TB, Chow DC, Shikuma CM.
    Lipoprotein concentration, particle number, size and cholesterol efflux capacity are associated with mitochondrial oxidative stress and function in an HIV positive cohort.
    Atherosclerosis 2015 [more...]

  • Barbour JD, Jalbert EC, Chow DC, Gangcuangco LM, Norris PJ, Keating SM, Heitman J, Nagamine L, Seto T, Ndhlovu LC, Nakamoto BK, Hodis HN, Parikh NI, Shikuma CM.
    Reduced CD14 expression on classical monocytes and vascular endothelial adhesion markers independently associate with carotid artery intima media thickness in chronically HIV-1 infected adults on virologically suppressive anti-retroviral therapy.
    Atherosclerosis 2014 [more...]

  • Shikuma CM, Chow DC, Gangcuangco LM, Zhang G, Keating SM, Norris PJ, Seto TB, Parikh N, Kallianpur KJ, Nakamoto BK, Nagamine LS, Ndhlovu LC, Barbour JD.
    Monocytes expand with immune dysregulation and is associated with insulin resistance in older individuals with chronic HIV.
    PLoS One 2014 [more...]

  • Chow D, Nakamoto B, So E, Parikh N, Souza S, Kallianpur K, Shikuma C.
    Rates of autonomic dysfunction in HIV patients receiving antiretroviral therapy.
    J Neurovirol 2013 [more...]

  • Jalbert E, Crawford TQ, D'Antoni ML, Keating SM, Norris PJ, Nakamoto BK, Seto T, Parikh NI, Shikuma CM, Ndhlovu LC, Barbour JD.
    IL-1B enriched monocytes mount massive IL-6 responses to common inflammatory triggers among chronically HIV-1 infected adults on stable anti-retroviral therapy at risk for cardiovascular disease.
    PLoS One 2013 [more...]

  • Lin C, Grandinetti A, Shikuma C, Souza S, Parikh N, Nakamoto B, Kallianpur KJ, Chow D.
    The effects of extended release niacin on lipoprotein sub-particle concentrations in HIV-infected patients.
    Hawaii J Med Public Health 2013 [more...]

  • Nakamoto BK, Shikuma CM, Ogata-Arakaki D, Umaki T, Neuwelt EA, Shiramizu BT, Chow DC, Parikh NI, Kallianpur KJ, Hamilton BE.
    Feasibility and potential role of ferumoxytol-enhanced neuroimaging in HIV-associated neurocognitive disorder.
    J Neurovirol 2013 [more...]

  • Tongma C, Shikuma CM, Nakamoto BK, Kallianpur KJ, Umaki TM, Barbour JD, Ndhlovu L, Parikh NI, Chow DC.
    Albuminuria as a marker of cardiovascular risk in HIV-infected individuals receiving stable antiretroviral therapy.
    Hawaii J Med Public Health 2013 [more...]

  • Won S, Hong RA, Shohet RV, Seto TB, Parikh NI.
    Methamphetamine-associated cardiomyopathy.
    Clin Cardiol 2013 [more...]

  • Zhang G, Parikh PB, Zabihi S, Brown DL.
    Rating the preferences for potential harms of treatments for cardiovascular disease: a survey of community-dwelling adults.
    Med Decis Making 2013 [more...]

  • Chow D, Kocher M, Shikuma C, Parikh N, Grandinetti A, Nakamoto B, Seto T, Low P.
    Effects of antiretroviral therapy on autonomic function in early HIV infection: a preliminary report.
    Int J Med Sci 2012 [more...]

  • Chow D, Thomas BS, Liang CY, Souza SC, Nakamoto BK, Parikh NI, Shikuma C.
    Role of the veterans aging cohort study index in assessing total atherosclerotic burden.
    Clin Infect Dis 2012 [more...]

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