Research Collaboration Pilot Project Program Awards


2013-2014 RMATRIX Pilot Projects

Principal Investigator(s) Title of Project
May Okihiro, MD Project PONO - Prevention of Negative Outcomes
Nisha Parikh, MD Metabolite Profile as a Postpartum Predictor of Endothelial Dysfunction Following Preeclampsia
Kaimi Sinclair, PhD Hula & Hypertension: Ola Hou Pilot Study
Bruce Soll, MD Integration and Assessment of Physiologic Radar Technology in Sleep Monitoring Systems
Kalpana Kallianpur, PhD Cerebrovascular Risk Factors and Altered Brain Structure in Healthy Individuals
Alice Tse, PhD Perceptions of Native Hawaiian Community Partners about Community-Based Participatory Research (CBPR)


2011-2012 RMATRIX Collaboration Pilot Project Program Awards

Principal Investigator(s) Title of Project
J. Keawe’aimoku Kaholokula, PhD PILI ’Aina Project: Partnerships to Overcome Obesity Disparities in Hawaii
Shane Morita, MD, MS Thyroid Cancer and Ethnic Disparity in Hawaii: Profiling the MAPK and MTOR Signaling Pathways
Kazuma Nakagawa, MD Project In Development
Beau Nakamoto, MD, PhD Neuroimaging Correlates of Monocyte/Macrophage Infiltration in HIV-infected Individuals: A Cross-sectional Pilot Study Using IV Furomoxytol
Nisha Parikh, MD Project In Development
Stokes, Alexander, PhD, BSc, MSc Protection from Cardiac Hypertrophy via Pharmacological Inhibition of the Ion Channel TRPV1
Johann Urschitz, PhD Correlation of genetic risk factors with gestational diabetes and preeclampsia in women from Hawaii
Thomas Wills, PhD Discrimination and Substance Abuse Among Adolescents in Hawaii
Angel Yanagihara, PhD Identification and Characterization of Cryptic Fleming Bay Marine Stingers
Yi Zuo, PhD Effect of Corticosteroids on Pulmonary Surfactant of Premature Newborns


2010-2011 RMATRIX Collaboration Pilot Project Program Awards

(Co-funded in Partnership with the RTRN Small Grant Awards Program)

Principal Investigator(s) Title of Project
Sandra Chang, PhD Design of imido-substituted 2-chloro-1, 4-naphthoquionones as anti-malarial drugs
Katalin Csiszar, PhD Genetic Risk for Exfoliation Glaucoma in Pacific Islanders and Puerto Ricans
Somponpun, Suwit Jack, PhD Morphogenetic Mechanism of Embryonic six2 in Establishing Nephron Endowment

08 June 2015:
Mountain West CTR-IN Second Annual Meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada

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Mountain West CTR-IN Second Annual Meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Second Annual Meeting of the Mountain West CTR-IN…

08 April 2015:
CTR-IN Call for Abstracts

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12 March 2015:
The Mountain West CTR-IN is Calling All Reviewers

The CTR-IN is seeking reviewers with experience reviewing clinical or translational research proposals for the NIH or other national funding program (…

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05 March 2015, 12:30pm - 1:30pm:
The FDA Application Process

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